Generous Affiliate Program! Pick it up, build your revenue steam., Next generation Adult Streaming Platform is live!
SmuttyFlix is Adult! Adult does not mean Porn, means 18+ shows, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, reality tv, stand up comedy and (yes) porn!
User will find a wide mix of content that  range from movies, scenes, shows, documentaries, interviews, podcasts & videocasts, educational and lifestyle content, episodes and so on…
To promote it, we built in a very generous affiliate program:
  • 25% fee upon subscription + 5% fee lifetime (as long the user continues to pay)
  • To facilitate the engagement, you’ll be issued 2 ways to promote this:
    • A link, the subscriber will pay the full amount
    • a coupon code that, when used, will give the subscriber 50% discount for life and will be automatically linked to you
SmuttyFlix will be available on all platforms, from desktops to mobile phones, PWA Android and iOS apps, Smart TVs and any equipment connected to the internet and that has a browser.
Getting on board with this program is quite simple:

Please, if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us!

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