Smutty Network presents – Next generation Adult Streaming Platform!

Smutty Network, together with ASN Lifestyle Magazine, launched, today,, an adult streaming platform carrying thousands of scenes that range from porn to reality tv to comedy and documentaries.

SmuttyFlix is a subscription-based platform with adult oriented content that relies on strong studio partnerships to deliver the best content for the subscriber.

“We care deeply for the subscriber and we deliver the best adult content providing the best value for money. Adult content does not equal porn. Although porn is a big part of the platform, adult content means 18+ shows, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, reality tv, stand up comedy and all that you can imagine.” says Mike Pinto, CEO and Founder of Smutty Network.

The platform, with its subscription-based audience, will also instate very generous affiliate program that will grant a recurring fee lifetime as long as the subscribers stays in the platform.

SmuttyFlix will be available on all platforms, from desktops to mobile phones, PWA Android and iOS apps, Smart TVs and any equipment connected to the internet and that has a browser.

Mike Pinto concluded saying that “SmuttyFlix provides a generous return to the studios and producers with view-share and direct premium fees, together with a strong affiliate lifetime program while maintaining the subscribers happy with weekly update content which makes this platform a win-win-win on all fronts and, we hope, a sure success!”


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